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Home Décor Around Moncton

A house becomes a home when you add a personal touch. I elevate your home to a lifestyle that inspires you! With my help, you can decorate your house to suit your personality and style and move your lifestyle to the next level of aesthetics and comfort. My services include every aspect of home décor, so you can personalize your home as much as you want. I provide décor services in and around Moncton, and I’m happy to work with you on your home decorations.

Benefits of Home Décor

Not only will personalized décor give you a one-of-a-kind home that fits your style, but it will also create a comfortable, inviting space for you, your family, and any guests. Good décor can elevate the quality of your lifestyle. You can choose a variety of different décor styles to find the one that suits you. You can express yourself through the simple but important details and accessories of your home.

Aspects of Home Décor

With my experience as an interior decorator, the sky is the limit. When we work together, we can personalize every aspect of your home, including:

  • Colour: Colour applies to more than just the walls. You can choose a base colour for wall paint and still include a variety of shades and hues in baseboards, trim, flooring, and furniture to create a tailored colour scheme for your home.
  • Furniture: The layout of your home is important, but the furniture that fills the space can be just as important for comfort and feel. I’ll help you choose the perfect pieces of furniture and accessories to make your home a visual masterpiece.

We also focus on fixtures, tiles, flooring, lighting, window dressings, and accessories: this is where we further personalize and custom-tailor the space just for you. These items provide a cohesive finishing look to your space. It is even possible to reconcile the different styles of two people as a couple!

Reasons to Choose Me

I have many years of experience in real estate and finance, which helps me as a home decorator. My keen eye and attention to detail will provide you with expert décor advice and planning. I also partner with a home contractor to help if you ever need a more extensive upgrade for your home.

Reach out to get started on your home décor project today at 506-227-0445.